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3 days w/ Plaster SLWC - 41 min video and 155 Pics

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🇺🇸I finally made the long awaited plaster SLWC and Frenchie on my toenails. I was apprehensive that I would have to dry the plaster very well in order to step on the rubber heel. Everything went very well and the rubber heel was very stiff. I traveled to two seaside towns near my city. These towns are very touristy and there were a lot of people there, my cast caught people's attention and I loved it! It was a wonderful weekend and I wish I could have stayed longer with my white cast!

🇧🇷Finalmente fiz o tão esperado plaster SLWC e com francesinha no pé. Fiquei apreensiva em saber que teria que secar o gesso muito bem para pisar com o salto de borracha. Deu tudo muito certo e o salto de borracha ficou muito rígido. Viajei para duas cidades litorâneas perto da minha cidade. Essas cidades são bem turísticas e havia muita gente lá, o meu gesso chamou muito a atenção das pessoas e adorei isso!! Foi um final de semana maravilhoso e gostaria de ter ficado mais tempo com o meu gesso branco!!

155 Pics 
41 minutes of Video

Videos and pics of: 

- Making the Cast
- Great toeplate
- Public Pics n Videos
- A lot of Crutches
- Perfect Feet
- Historic City in Brazil
- Moisturizing my toes
- Show my Face
- Close ups of my feet and cast
- French Toenails
- Little jump
- Perfect Cast
- Beautiful toes
- Massages my leg and my cast
- Climbing up stairs
- True Cast experience

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1 year ago

More videos with SLWC or LLWC

Superb SLWC
Your best for me...
Thanks to add more new VIDEOS with long time crutching with sexy SLWC and sexy secretary clothes with sexy high platformed heels louboutins please...
Best regards