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LLWC 3 days - Kitty best Feet n Cast - 39 min of videos - 176 pics

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3 reviews
We did two LLWCs in two weekends in a row. The first was for an exclusive follower and the second is this one. This second one is straighter and after it was dry, I could walk without crutches. Before that I used my crutches which I love. The cast is heavy and very restrictive, because it is very high. I loved using this cast, and I'm realizing more and more that large casts are a passion for me. Be sure to follow me on this adventure and add this album to your Castday collection!

Fizemos dois LLWC em dois finais de semana seguidos. O primeiro foi para um seguidor exclusivo e o segundo é este aqui. Este segundo está mais reto e depois de seco, deu para andar sem muletas. Antes disso usei as minhas muletas que amo. O gesso está pesado e bem restritivo, pois ficou bem alto. Amei usar este gesso, e percebo cada vez mais que gessos grandes são uma paixão pra mim. Não deixe de me acompanhar nessa aventura e colocar mais este album na sua coleção Castday!

Pics 176
Vídeo 39 minutes

Videos and pics of: 

- Public Pics n Videos
- A lot of Crutching
- Walk w/ my LLWC
- Swimsuit w/ my Big Cast
- High Heels
- Moisturizing oil on my cast foot
- Perfect Feet
- Many videos walking in public
- Toe wiggling
- Show my Face
- Close ups
- Perfect Pedicure
- Big Cast
- Beautiful toes and feet
- Massages my leg and my cast
- Feet
- Climbing up stairs
- True Cast experience
You will get a ZIP (5GB) file

Customer Reviews


Verified Buyer

1 month ago

pretty woman, pretty cast

A lot of crutching around and also many scenes without cruches. I like this video of everyday's life of a pretty woman in a Nice long leg walking cast.


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Very good project, hopping to see your job in the future.

Hello, the cast is beautiful, the toes too, I would like to see more scenes with signed cast (outdoor too) and especially a very well worn and super used cast. I hope to see that in the future…hoping on plaster slwc😉


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Very beautiful woman wearing a LLWC which is my favourite cast.

I loved the fact that she walked about in the LLWC without crutches which a LLWC is meant to be used. I also loved the fact that she loves this type of cast as well.